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About the authors

Dr. William E. Pinney

William Pinney is Professor of Management Science in Alcorn State University's MBA Program at Natchez, MS. His PhD is from The University of Florida, and he is a registered professional engineer (P.E.) in Industrial Engineering. He is a past President of the Southwest Region of the Decision Science Institute, and a recipient of the Distinguished Service and Outstanding Educator Awards, as well as a 30+ year member of the national DSI. He also a member of INFORMS. He has authored numerous articles in professional journals and presented over 100 papers at national and regional professional meetings. He is coauthor of several texts in Management Science and Quantitative Methods, as well as the DSS and QMS software packages. His interests include sailing and a life-long pursuit of a single digit golf handicap.

Ned Nowotny

Ned has been programming computers since the late 1970s. He has been making a living at it since the early 1980s. His work has included development of large-scale distributed database systems, statistical analysis and visualization of semiconductor manufacturing test data, content syndication over the Internet, and even a program to create bootable floppy disks from bootable cassette tapes for Atari 400 and Atari 800 microcomputer programs. QuantMethods has provided him with the opportunity to implement and apply the mathematical models he learned in earning his BBA in 1980.

Mark Atchison

Mark leads Product Management at QuantMethods. He is responsible for the strategy and positioning of product offerings for the academic industry. Mark spent 17 years at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in a variety of capacities including delivery executive for Interactive Billing Solutions and for Electronic Banking.

Mark graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Business Administration - Systems Analysis in 1983.

Randy McElroy

Randy has been a programmer in the real world since 1985. He has enjoyed everything from COBOL on the mainframe to Java on the Internet. The first 15 years of his career were spent growing up at EDS. The last few years he has bounced around seeing what the outside world (outside of EDS that is) is like. Randy is a Sun Certified Java Programmer who has developed Internet solutions in Java for the Life Insurance Industry, Interactive Billing Solutions, the Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industries, and Customer Relationship Management.

Randy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration - Data Processing and Analysis in 1985.

About the book

The authors have created a number of textbooks for Management Science, Quantitative Methods, and Operations Research college courses. The Quantitative Methods Software (QMS) application that is the subject of this website may be purchased from college bookstores whose OR/MS departments have adopted the current edition of the book, Quantitative Methods for Management (3rd ed.), from Thomson Custom Publishing.

The Solutions Manual and Workbook is also available. To retrieve a copy of the manual, click on the manual's title in the previous sentence.

An Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) reader will be necessary to view the Solutions Manual and Workbook. If you don't have a PDF reader, you may download and install the free Acrobat® Reader® from Adobe Systems.

The book and software may also be purchased from online booksellers such as amazon.com. Performing an author search for “Pinney, William E.” should yield a listing of the book.

Finally, a subscription to the online QMS application may be purchased for $19.95 per semester from this website.

Regardless of how you procure the software, it is the authors' express wish that you derive tangible value from the use of the QMS application.